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Wood Flooring Warranty and Care Information

Wood flooring warranties range from 5 to 10 years on the finish but vary depending on the manufacturer. Check with your Renaissance Flooring sales representative for the specific warranty details that apply to your floor.

Q:How do I maintain my wood floor?
A:The best way to maintain your wood floor is to vacuum periodically and use a Bona mop or Shmop with the manufacturers recommended cleaner. This mop has a terry cloth gather over an 8 x 14 plastic mop with a pivoting handle. String dust mops are not advised.
Q:Can I use Murphy's Oil soap?
A:No, there are several products on the store shelf that are marketed as hardwood floor cleaners, but even when used properly they can damage your woods urethane. Check with your Renaissance Flooring associate for a list of recommended cleaning products for your wood floor.
Q:Will my floor age?
A:Yes. You can expect to see shade differences in your wood floor over time. The cause is usually from exposure to bright light. This color change will also appear more severe in lighter shades of wood flooring. This is not covered by most manufacturers' warranties.
Q:Should I expect my floor to splinter or chip?
A:Though manufacturers do everything possible in the milling process to prevent this, some edge breakage may occur after the floor settles into the surrounding environment. Hardwood floors are a natural product and therefore subject to natural processes associated with wood. Touch up kits are available.
Q:How can I fix my floor myself?
A:Most wood manufacturers supply several colored fillers and color matched touch-up kits which can resolve any damages or blemish.
Q:Will my floor be perfectly flat?
A:Wood manufacturers mill all pre-finished hardwood flooring to exacting tolerances, however, you may feel each board individually when walking across the floor without shoes. All products are milled with varying degrees of levelness, delivering an almost flat floor depending on the grade specifications.
Q:Should I be alarmed if my floor pops?
A:No, Renaissance Flooring has taken every precaution to deliver a smooth sub floor for your flooring application; however, you may experience a slight dip or hump in the sub floor causing a pop. If this occurs, it can be remedied by injecting more adhesive under the floor by drilling through the dark grain in the wood. Popping can occur immediately after installation or show up several months after move in. Do not be alarmed, it can be fixed.
Q:What is an approved dust mop?
A:A mop with a terry cloth gather or a sponge mop are recommended. Any mop containing loose fibers such as string, yarns, cloth, etc. can be very damaging to your wood flooring.
Q:What is a natural characteristic?
A:Natural character marks are items such as dark gray or black marks in the wood, knots of various sizes and grain patterns. Mineral can appear in several forms such as a light gray streak across the board to black lines in the grain depending on the grade. The same holds true for knots and grain patterns.
Q:Can I damp mop my floor?
A:No, water and wood do not mix and therefore "Do Not Use Water!"
Q:Will my floor scratch?
A:This can occur, though urethane is very strong and makes the floor easy to care for, it can scratch. Walk off mats at all entrances both inside and out can help alleviate or minimize potential damage. High traffic areas are not covered under most warranties.
Q:Can I wax my urethane floor?
A:There is no need to wax a urethane floor. This will in fact make the floor very slippery and cause a film to form on the wood floor.
Q:Can planters stain my floor?
A:It is a good idea to make sure all planters have plastic drip pans to avoid moisture from leaching into the floor. Clay pots are very porous and can raise the grain very easily.
Q:What are considered high traffic areas?
A:In front of kitchen sinks, refrigerators, stoves, halls, doorways, and stairs. Adequate protection should be taken to avoid pivot points in the urethane in these areas.