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Vinyl Flooring Care

Proper Care Of A Vinyl Floor

Sweep or vacuum (beater bar turned off) floors daily.This will prevent dirt and grit from being ground into the surface of the floor.

Damp mop slightly soiled floors or spills with clean water.

For regular maintenance Renaissance Flooring has a number of products that will help you keep your floors looking their best.

When moving heavy furniture or appliances, use plywood, or hardboard and "walk" objects back into place, without moving the wood or board. Never slide furniture over exposed floor.

To prevent indentations and scratching, use proper casters, glides, or rollers.

Use non-staining mats at all entrances to prevent asphalt, dirt, and grit from being tracked in. Avoid using latex or rubber backed mats, as some types can cause permanent floor discoloration. Asphalt compounds can cause permanent discoloration of your floor.

Wipe up spills immediately. The longer the spill remains on the floor, the greater the possibility of staining.

Avoid high heels on your floor. They can cause permanent damage.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. During peak sunlight areas, the use of drapes or blinds is recommended.

Protect your floor against burns. Vinyl tile can be damaged by burns from the glowing end of a cigarette, matches or other extremely hot items.

Vinyl warranties vary from 5 to twenty years and are usually specific to the type of claim such as manufacturer's defects and 'wear out'. 'Wear out' is defined as the removal of the 'wear surface' down to the backing by normal residential use. (The 'wear surface' is defined as all vinyl above the backing.) Check with your Renaissance Flooring sales representative for the warranty that applies to your floor.