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Spending Guidelines

As well as meeting your aesthetic and performance requirements, your carpet selection must also suit your budget, and carpet prices vary considerably. Most factors affecting cost are directly related to quality, but often there are manufacturing expenses involved in simply achieving a certain look or texture. Finding the right style is essential, but it is important to know what you are paying for.

You should first realize that inexpensive carpet can be a poor investment. In most cases, well- made carpet which utilizes quality fiber costs more to manufacture and is more expensive, but it is often a better value in the long run.

When considering price, you should estimate the actual cost per year of new carpeting, since a high-quality carpet will often retain its original appearance longer than a lower-quality alternative. Carpet is a home improvement investment, and the difference you spend on the best quality may amount to only a few dollars a year. In addition, installation costs represent a significant percentage of your total carpet purchase, and buying inferior carpet which is replaced more frequently means you will have to incur those costs again.