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Stone Flooring Care

The below care information applies to Pergo Floors.

  • Problem:
    Chocolate, grease, juice, cordials, wine, cigarette butts
    Lukewarm water and mild detergent
    Tar, crayon, lipstick, shoe polish, ink, carbon, nail polish or cigarette butts
    Mineral spirits, nail polish remover or other household solvent, denatured alcohol
    Candle wax and chewing gum
    Allow them to harden, and then carefully scrape off with a blunt scraper

No floor is absolutely scratch-proof, but with minimal care and a few simple steps like a door mat, felt pads on furniture legs and vacuuming without the beater bar, Pergo Original will keep its good looks for years. Such performance is why Pergo Original can offer a 15-year triple guarantee against wear, stains and fading.