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Renaissance Flooring
  • Face Weight

    Face weight is the number of ounces of fiber per square yard. The amount of fiber is directly related to the carpet performance and durability.

  • Twist

    Twist is the number of times the fiber is twisted together in a 1-inch length. How many times the yarn is twisted, particularly in cut pile, is critical to carpet performance.

  • Density

    Density is how tightly together the fiber is stitched into the carpet backing. Higher density affects the look of the carpet and improves resistance to crushing and matting.

  • Padding

    The quality of the pad laid underneath your carpet directly affects the comfort (feel) and durability of the carpet.

Fiber Type

  • Nylon:
    The most popular fiber. Durable and resilient brands of nylon such as DuPont StainMaster Plus™, Monsanto Wear-Dated™, and Allied Anso CrushResister™ add value to your purchase.
    Inherently stain and fade resistant, good color clarity.
  • Polypropylene:
    Excellent stain and fade resistance, best in loop products.
    Natural Fiber
    DuPont Tactesse:
    Remarkably soft fiber.